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  1. Kelly Edge

    Ole’ South Outfitters is the Best Family of Hunters I’ve ever been around. The Most Professional and Hard Working Family I know!! They work hard all year around to make Life Long Dream Hunts come True!! They don’t only work on their Blinds and River Bottoms and Fields, they work on other clubs to ensure that everybody has a Great Experience in the Outdoors!!! The Burrus Family took me in as a son when I was a complete stranger and taught me everything I know about duck hunting. I’ve seen them do the same thing for countless other men and boys and girls!!! They are Passionate and Very Serious about killing ducks and making people’s hunts a success!! I’ve killed ducks with them when there were no ducks in the area. They amaze me every time. If you want a great experience in the Great Outdoors with your Family and Friends, then Go Hunting the the Burrus Family!!!

    1. dbburrus Post author

      Kelly, My humble my friend you have taught me so much as well. Most importantly you’ve taught me and always reminded me to enjoy my life. I’ve enjoyed your friendship and time in the field. Love you Brother BB

  2. Jeff

    Nick Smith tells me you guys are the best. We plan to come over in 2017 in January if you’ll have us. I’ve been hunting the Midwest and West for 50 years and enjoy the people and new places ALMOST as much as I do shooting ducks. Can’t wait to hunt Arkansas it’s on my “bucket list!”

  3. Ken Dulaney

    At age 50, you would think a man would have about all the hobbies he is ever going to have. Well, thanks to Blake, Julie, Hunter, Stevie, Tyler, and a friend of mine, Mike McGhie, I have a new one I am afraid.

    I had no idea how good these guys at Ole’ South would be although Mike had warned me ahead of time that I would be impressed. That is putting it lightly. I am hooked, no doubt. These guys are the real deal and Blake makes the hunts more entertaining and interesting than I ever thought possible. I truly enjoyed the hunts, the service, the team of guides and even the dogs. The way Ole’s South operates is a work of art all the way down to Blake’s “black bottom biskits”. (Ask him for one.) Being a “biskit” fan myself I was particularly interested in this ancient recipe.

    Simply put, it is just done amazingly “right”. Thanks Ole’ South team for helping a dusty ole curmudgeon like me to enjoy a simple pleasure in life with relative ease. I am a fan for life.


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